Hi, my name is ‘You Decide.’ I am running for President in 2024. Why 2024? My Party, STFND, has a significant disadvantage - no money (FYI - I am not taking any, so don't ask) and I need a long time to get the word out.

Actually, our name is not ‘You Decide’. To start, we, STFND, were thinking about what is wrong with America. First, we felt that the primary problem was income inequality.

But, after some time, we realized we were wrong. America has a political system issue. There are two fundamental problems:

  1. All power resides in two political parties

  2. Incentives 


Hyper-partisanship has crept through all of society. The idea that states will always vote for the same party, no matter what, for decades, is so wrong on so many levels. At birth, your parents tell you you are Democratic; you always vote for Democrats. This is also applicable for Republicans. An Us vs. Them mentality is not suitable for most situations.

Hyper-partisanship has crept so far that the only news people watch is news provided by their political channel of choice. How can someone make a critical decision about who to vote for when they only see one side of the coin?


The use of incentives has also corrupted the political system. Specifically, politicians have incentives to pass policy desired by high political campaign donors.   This is often not in line with the needs of the people.   Greedy individuals and organizations have infiltrated the political system to lobby for their special interests. I believe that this is one reason why there have been no attempts made to resolve the issue of real wages being flat for decades. Special interests have lobbied to continue to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy because they are the entities that can afford to pay lobbyists. The data is clear. Trickle-down economics does not work yet, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy continue.

So, starting in 2020, we, STFND, have a request.  Please lobby to allow third parties to swap their votes for other parties’ ideas. For example, if you lobby for this, if the Republican Party likes and agrees with some of the ideas we provide, we could exchange those ideas for the Republican party’s agreement and support.  Other countries have similar multi-party systems.  For further clarification, please visit this Wikipedia site

If you remove all the misdirection, egos, corruption, and greed, a party in its purest form is just a collection of ideas. For this reason, we, STFND, intend to be that—just a database of ideas. You, the people, vote to determine which ideas we support.

The web designer does not want to spend a ton of time on this idea and does not feel that it would be right for this to be their creation. The creation of this Party must come from you, all of you. Because of this, we are asking for your help. No further development of this idea, database, or Party will happen until at least 10,000 people show interest. Please hurry. Our country needs you! 

You may be wondering who we are. We are protesters in the streets fighting for racial equality. We are politicians choosing ethics over party loyalty. We are police officers electing to show love over violence. We are you. We are a database. We are a collection of ideas. We are a Party in its purest form. 

This idea originated from the pain, death, and unrest of 2020. It is our hope and our prayer that we will be much-needed light in this darkness.


Ready To Change Our Country For The Better?


Feel free to email us: questions@stfnd.com