Q:  Who will be President for our Party?  

A: We believe the best people to serve are those that aren’t pursuing to do so. You will nominate people who will serve. We only request that the people who are nominated are people who meet the requirements of being President, are not seeking to be President, and are of high moral character.

Q: How will the President be selected?


A: We are a database of ideas and people provided by you. The person with the most votes will be selected as long as they accept the call to serve.

Q: How long will the President serve?

A: We request that they serve for four years and do not seek re-election. It is critical that their focus be on helping America and not winning an election.

Q: Who will be the Vice President?

A: If they accept the call to serve, the Vice President will be the person with the second-highest number of votes.

Q: How will the President make decisions?


A: Priority will be placed on basing decisions on the constitution, the database of ideas, and guidelines on this site.


Q: What if the President does not find the guidance needed in the guidelines or database on this site?

A: In the end, decisions are up to the President. We ask that the President will keep to the spirit of the site’s guidelines and collection of ideas.

Q: I want to run for office as part of your Party. How do I go about doing this?

A: Submit your name to the database. If you are the highest voted person for a particular political office and you agree to make decisions based on the database of ideas and guidelines on this site, you will be placed in that role.

Q: Can I start submitting ideas to the Party?

A: After the database is complete submission of ideas will be allowed. To submit ideas, you will need to be a U.S. resident or ex-pat and you will need to provide an ID to create an account.

Q: I live in the U.S., but I am not a citizen. May I submit ideas to the Party?   

A: Sure! Please provide an ID to create an account.

Q: I live in the U.S. but have not turned 18. May I submit ideas to the Party?  

A: Yes! Please provide an ID to create an account.

Q: I am from a different country. May I submit ideas to the Party?


A: Sorry, but no. We want to keep the submission of ideas to residents of the U.S. and ex-pats.

Q: I am not a citizen or I am under the voting age. May I vote on ideas?

A: Sorry. We want to have only citizens and those of legal age voting on ideas.


Q: I am against abortion, but your guidelines say that this Party will not legislate morality. What are ideas that I am allowed to suggest that would support my morals and beliefs but not go against Party guidelines?


A: If you are against abortion, tell us how you would like to go about lowering the number of abortions being performed without taking away women's right to choose. For example, suggest tax credits or incentives for the soon to be mother. Improvement of healthcare and increased adoption availability could also reduce the number of abortions performed.

Q: Why do you believe a database is a better mechanism than a politician for making policy decisions?


  1. A collective is infinitely smarter than a single individual.

  2. Winning an election doesn't mean someone is the best at making policy decisions; it only means that they were the most popular and received the most votes.

  3. Greed, ego, and corruption will not influence a database

Q: Can we market and advertise for the STFND Party?

A: Yes. We have two rules regarding marketing and advertising:

  1. We never accept money. If you wish to advertise for us, advertising needs to be entirely independent.

  2. Never, never, never attack another candidate. Marketing should only be about promoting what STFND has to offer.

Check out the media link above.  We have given you a head start on marketing.

Q: We want to exploit your copyright and make a ton of money selling t-shirts with your logo on it or possibly design a logo for STFND.  Is that okay?  

A: Of course! Please become rich off of us. Check out the media link above.


Q: I am a big supporter of gun rights. How can I propose something that fits within your limited guidelines?

A: Your 2nd amendment rights are already limited. It is currently illegal for citizens to have Nuclear Weapons, Machine Guns with Exploding Bullets, and Tanks. Please tell us how we can save lives and preserve your 2nd amendment rights. For example, what about smart weapons that are inoperable in public places and schools? Conceivably, if a machine gun was smart enough, you might be able to have one. How cool would that be?

Q: It appears your Party is advertising. I thought your Party was not going to accept any money?

A: The web designer is donating some of his personal funds to get the Party up and running. However, to protect the party from the corruption of political donations and to keep it as pure as possible, we will not accept donations from others.

Q: How will STFND function without employees or financial donations?

A: To prevent any corruption created by accepting financial donations, we intend to be a volunteer-run organization. We need your help. Please do not donate money but rather your time and support.