1. Take care of the less fortunate.

  2. Do not judge others. (unless you are a court-appointed judge) 

  3. Tell the truth. 


  (The moral guidelines are the most important.)

  1. Outside of our documented moral guidelines, we do not legislate morality.   The moral guidelines above are universal.  These guidelines are found in many religions and are not specific to Christianity.

  2. Trickle-down economics Does Not Work. If you do not believe me, please visit or visit the wealth inequality tab. We have been trying it for decades and real wages are still flat.

  3. Prisons are for rehabilitation.

  4. We believe in the 2nd Amendment as long as it does not violate Moral Guideline #1.

  5. Freedom of the Press - Do not mess with it. However, hold the press accountable for inaccuracies. 

  6. Freedom of Religion - Public/private rule. In private, we support Freedom of Religion 100%. In public, Freedom of Religion can never be used to discriminate or hurt. Please remember Moral Guideline # 1.

  7. Equality For All - This is in line with Moral Guideline # 1.

  8. Social Media - It is, in some ways, destroying America. Require IDs and hold them, Social Media Companies, accountable for inaccuracies.